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Tuesday, 18-Nov-2008 14:59 Email | Share | | Bookmark
mine mine mine

hot tea!
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at that moment...hurmm..lets see.
im trapped in my room and trying to finish up spoken discourse..hahaha
lina was in my room and she witnessed how it all began
i took out my baby from a box and started to move here and there and up and down
just in my room be specific around my study table..
where there are all type of stuff all over the place..
hahahahha..didnt bother at all..didnt care too..
its all mine very own..
with me 24/7 thru this hard yet interesting semester
will it be a happy ending for me this sem?
well not really..hurm..

so this entry its really nothing but its really something to me!

Wednesday, 14-May-2008 11:29 Email | Share | | Bookmark
akif sayang;

si mata bulat
happy nyer si cumel!

smlm baby akif dtg umah..
da lame rase nyer tak tgk budak kechk sorg ni
apelagi cr peluang la nk buli die
gewaammmm btul

ibu ckp die da pndai ckp da..
nk dgr la sket die ckp
memule die diam jeee..almaklumla environment br kan tak pick up lg
da msuk 30 mins later..fuh..baru la mule active nyer
die da tak tkut kat org
and die da mule imitate ape org ckp..
cumelllll nyerrrrr..

aku pon ape lagi snap la few pictures
so i presenting

Saturday, 10-May-2008 10:41 Email | Share | | Bookmark

f a n t a s t i c
s u n s e t
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WOW! at last i found this pictures..
i tot i have lost it..fuh~ thank god.!
after format laptop..nk save all my backup files
and i found these pics in one of d backup dvd

this pictures was taken when im in langkawi
huhuhu..beautiful places and scenery there!
and congrats to me..hehehe
first time naek kete kabel..fuh..
scary afraid of heights..but then i still have d guts!
yeay!!! hurray!!
but tak rugi la naek..
incredible scenery up there..

well..enjoy guys! do leave any comments yg membina!

Thursday, 8-May-2008 07:06 Email | Share | | Bookmark
batu layar

h a n d
j a u h
r e f l e c t i o n
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time ni kat batu layar.
time sunrise da snap few pictures.
just nk have fun after pnt exam!! yeay!

Tuesday, 23-Oct-2007 14:53 Email | Share | | Bookmark
praktical photography perak

kellie's castle
a path
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pic ni sem lepas nyer ni
time gi praktikal
tapi lmbat upload jew
adela a few pic yg rase nk upload
tp overall rase aku time praktikal tu tk manyak pon amek pic
mcm busan sket jew
ni je la..
feel free to leave any comments!!

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